Hello everyone! This is HB Arif, an SEO Expert and Online Business Consultant in Bangladesh. This is my website where you will find everything about me.

SEO Expert & Online Business Consultant in Bangladesh 

I am HB Arif SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Also I am Local SEO Expert, SEO Specialist, SEO Analyst. Amazon SEO consultant. My Service is Amazon Private Label Product Research, Google First Page Ranking, Guaranteed Backlinks. & I will Optimize your business website for organic rankings for driving Traffic, higher sales, ROI.

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Hi, I’m HB Arif. I’m a certified Google AdWords Professional SEO expert and have 9+ years of Marketing Experience. If you want to drive leads and sales and grow your revenue online with SEO services, you need to work with an SEO expert who knows what it takes to improve website rankings in the search engines. My SEO services will work for any website, no matter where it’s based, no matter what it’s selling, and no matter where the target audience resides.

The most challenging task appears in the search engine algorithm and how they frequently keep changing. Tracking the changes is another important one for me and building links is the other impressive task that I am fond of.

Sometimes, I am to keep liaison with the stakeholders of the business organizations and discuss issues with them and supporting them with the key initiatives, leading teams of digital marketers, defining strategies are some of the noted tasks that I undergo every day.

The SEO activities have a wide range that I took part in and I also have to ensure the deliverables within a time frame. I check that the deliverables are met perfectly so that the investors could get their return of investments. My initiatives also result in organic ranking and visibility for my clients in different search engines and search results as I design them after lots of analysis and recommendations.

By the same time, I need to provide some ad hoc supports to my clients across the world. The supports are mostly based on e-Commerce issues for both the local and core search. In that case, I have to provide some strategic roadmaps and guidance for the business based on the necessities.

Who I am?

Thank you for your interest in me and going through the earlier text.

If you are new in this industry of digital marketing, you might be unfamiliar with me and my exceptional skills on SEO issues.

So, for your kind information: this is my personalized website where I keep the tracks of my proven records as the SEO expert in Bangladesh. Here, you will get all the necessary information about me that would help you decide to hire me and my service for your online business growth.

Well, this may sound weird to introduce me in this way. But you know this is the age of modernism. And if you want to get a focus amid thousands of SEO experts in the present day, you are to follow some special ways.

Let me introduce myself. This is HB Arif. I am a SEO specialist in Bangladesh. I am an internet marketing specialist and been working in this field for a long time (around past five years). Therefore, I have gained a huge experience in internet marketing particularly in all types of SEO-based tasks including SEO coding, WordPress Coding, Drupal, digital marketing, Adwords & PPC campaign and more.

Now I am working as an SEO freelancer in Bangladesh and been dealing with extensive clients worldwide. I have served a notable number of individuals and organizations and helped them perfectly to get their business return.

Have you ever tried an SEO expert like me from Bangladesh to boost up your local business? If the answer is no, I would say you are in the right place today. I can show you how I can boost your business within a reasonable time. I never apply the same strategy for each of the clients as the needs are different. Accordingly, I change the strategies and the results are wonderful.

My clients are available across the world and I have been able to make them money in the competitive online market. I dominate the kingdom of SEO like a monarch and thus everything is under my control. I shape the business up as they supposed to be. You can check some of the demonstrations that how I did in past.

Earlier, I began my online service based in Bangladesh and gradually, I became HB Arif – Modern SEO Specialist in Bangladesh. All the things did not happen to me suddenly or overnight. Hours of labors and desire to grow on the web made me stronger. And by this time, I have served a remarkable number of clients who are highly satisfied with my jobs. I did the work for them effectively and gained their trusts. Now, they rely on me without any second thought.

What makes me different?

The entire goal of making and maintaining this website is to let people know what I am doing and how they can be benefited from my services. I have certain goals and plans in my mind that helps to build the stairs to success. I have strategies to follow, steps to set, the creation of contents to market products and services and more to do in order to make a project successful. There are some secret recipes that I apply while dealing each of the projects from my clients around the world.

I do believe in non-conventional ways of thinking. And thus, my thoughts are a bit different than the usual schools. Learning SEO is a passion for many and the thing was similar for my perspective. But I did not get involved in any SEO seminar to know about the pros and cons of SEO from an expert. Instead, I developed my own strategy and learned SEO from https://www.lynda.com.

And I have passed countless days and nights to achieve the excellence. All the struggles are gone now and I am confident enough to rank your page on the first top 10 list on the google search page. My knowledge and skills increased with the passage of time as I continued working on SEO projects. Before joining at the SEO aspects, I had some other experiences. I did not have the slightest ideas about the SEO and digital marketing. But gradually, I have learned all the necessary things and adapted to the changes around me.

To reach the stage I am standing today, I had to spend hundreds of sleepless nights to learn the core of SEO. It may sound too easy for my clients to know about but the learning of the SEO was not that much easy indeed for me in reality as it appears.

I have completed a large number of SEO projects so far and ensured the revenue generation of my clients. I have managed a wide number of responsibilities for optimizing the websites into different search engines. Besides, I also worked for enlisting the websites into different other search related directories as well that finally resulted in the maximization of profit for my clients.

Further, I also had to remain updated with the latest findings in the field of SEO. I learned newer technologies, search engine algorithm, and seeking opportunities for growth. As an individual digital marketer, I also had to perform tasks like link-building. And often I had to interact with individuals or teams for digital marketing.

The other important tasks that I do is to providing directions for some well written content generation, providing guidance to the ongoing trends of the market, competitor activity, digital playbook development etc. among others.

I have worked with numbers of websites from medium to high traffics, did their keyword analysis, benchmarking and performance metrics. I am also familiar with the SEO tools including PageRank checker, Google Webmaster Tools, keyword research, header check, BrightEdge and others. I am habituated with all the tools and apply them effectively.

All the things have made me a SEO Expert in Bangladesh in whom you can rely without any second thought.

Education and hobbies

I am a graduate from Cumilla Victoria College and completed the graduation in 2013. After completing the graduation, I got myself engaged into the SEO industry. Though I do have less time to entertain myself, I have some hobbies too. The most important thing I love to do is to be with my family members. Whenever I can manage time from my hefty schedule, I invest it in my family. I love to spend time with them and do lots of things together. Besides, I also love to travel and have visited almost all the major cities in Bangladesh. I also love reading books about different contemporary issues which make me enlightened.

Personal features

This is a bit embarrassing for me to praise myself openly. But to be honest, I take a humble pride in my honesty. I am honest and reliable. I have performed countless jobs so far and ended them with reliability. As a result, the number of returning clients is more than the newer ones. When someone meets me for jobs, they are impressed with my qualities and trustworthiness. So, they come back to me again and again. They know well that they will get the best SEO service in every term from my end.

My Passion

I am eager to know. In fact, the desire is knowledge is haunting me all the times. I love to know the internet patterns; I prefer to understand the complex things. Deciphering the codes make me feel thrilled. Working in this SEO industry is highly competitive and this requires lots of advanced knowledge and information to beat the competitors. This is relevant to science to some points. If you do not understand the algorithms, you would be unable to make the things happen.

Therefore, all my interests are about SEO. As a matter of fact, digital marketing is improving in the present day context and if you lack passion in it, you would not survive for long in the industry. And after completing a substantial number of SEO projects, I find a high interest in the matter. Hence, my passion is now all about the SEO practices and I also focus on how to improve the SEO skills that I could invest to serve my clients.

Why am I a modern SEO Specialist

Umm… this is a good issue to ponder. A specialist is an expert who is able to defeat the competitors smoothly. The expert owns some exceptional qualities which are rare and almost unavailable among the ordinary people.

Honestly, for a notable number of reasons, you may term me as the modern SEO expert in Bangladesh. In fact, I dream of SEO. This is ever present with me. This is the way of communication to me with the rest of the world. I do not promise to perform some magical tasks. But I firmly own the necessary set of skills that are required to make a business successful in digital formats by defeating the competitors. In fact, this is the key to success for each of the business in the online arena. I have a strong command over different programming languages and tools used in the best SEO practice and more.

As a Modern SEO Specialist, in the beginning, when I get invitations to rank some pages against certain keywords provided by the owner, I usually skip them. This is not my job. Rather, I collect the keywords and discuss them with the site owner. I analyze certain matters like the location of the client, targeted audience, what products or services it is providing and other relevant issues.

I conduct a thorough research about the website that I am going to work on. Then I ask about some necessary information that is required to conduct the key research to optimize the site so that it comes on the first page of Google search results. In fact, drawing the targeted visitors in the website is hard unless you have any special magic to perform.

I explain them about the experimentation of SEO and how it works. I try to make the website updated following the Google algorithms to get a berth in ranking. Often, I am to redesign the website based on the needs. Most of the times, the websites are not in order. I face the troubles regarding the contents. They need a rewrite. Accordingly, I have to hire some writer to rephrase the contents and inserting the keywords. Making the backlink is another interesting task that I do for the clients.

Online discussion

Before starting the job and setting up the strategy, I analyze the task carefully and then set the strategies. But a frequent online discussion is required to start the jobs. And I do it with each of my clients. I either made phone calls or communicate via modern communication tools. It often takes hours to discuss with them to know about the clients’ dream and goals. In fact, without knowing the dreams and about their desires, this is unfeasible to start the job. I also check the requirements again and again so that I can accomplish them smoothly for my clients.

Discussing the business plan is the part and parcel of the discussion where I share my thoughts and strategies with the client. After receiving suggestions, I accordingly revise the plans and tailor the fresh ideas to follow. I also explain the business to the clients if they are unable to get the clear picture of future. This consultation helps both the parties to understand the entire process. I take the complete responsibility of the clients’ business and optimize them based on the needs and necessities.

Budget fixing

HB Arif – Modern SEO Specialist works on a moderate budget. There might be many other SEO experts available around who require a high budget for their services. But based on the clients’ needs and their demands, I work in a budget-fitting manner. So, I work on a moderate budget that will fit your pocket. In fact, SEO is the investment for your future growth, and so if you want to grow tomorrow, you are to invest today. But the investment will not make you break your bank.

I prepare a detailed budget for the entire SEO process (including my service fees) and submit it to the client. Based on the approval, I start the job and complete the entire SEO skillfully.

Brand building

One the deals are final, I start working on the project. I make the brands which people did not have any idea before. My ranking helps the clients to be known as famous brands which ultimately add advantages to their business. In fact, I am skilled and confident to make the things better for my clients through some unique strategies and make them famous in their respective business industries.

How I perform?

To perform the SEO tasks, I usually follow the root method.

The root method of the SEO contains of Reasearch and analysis. Then it comes about the planning and the third phase is placing. The final step is overall analysis.

When I take any project, I research the whole thing before taking any moves. In fact, without the research, this is not possible to come into a decision about the SEO service I am to provide. So, I make a detailed research and analysis about the business of my client. I also make some research on the competitors of the client – how they are performing with their products.

In the second stage, I make some plans that I will implement shortly. As a matter of fact, this is the secondary stage which mostly helps to come into a decision about the business. When the business is average, I do not need any special plan but if the business is not doing well, I have to make some effective plans. The plans are based on the requirements from the clients business needs.

In the next level, I place the strategies that I took and try to implement them. When the results are not effective for the business, I get back to the first cycle of the process.

And in the final stage, I complete the overall analysis and take the necessary actions needed for the improvement of the business.

Since the SEO strategies are improving every day, I have to select different strategies for the improvement of my clients’ business. In fact, the strategies are not the same all the time.

My Skills

Throughout the years, I have gained huge experience and skills. I am able to undergo a wide array of research and digital investigations to uphold the brand of my clients. Usually, I serve a wide variety of tasks to my clients and invest my skills to perform better. But when it is about the SEO service, I am able to serve them with all the related SEO tasks available around. Therefore, my skills have grown in many extents. A list of some of the major skills of mine will help you understand how they help my clients to grow in the online arena with their respective business. I am skilled in the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM- Social Media marketing
  • CPM- Cost per Thousand’ (M is Roman symbol for 1000)
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Managing Clients
  • Link Building (Video, doc, and slide)
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Blogging,
  • Personalized Website
  • Meta Optimization
  • Site Mapping
  • Local SEO tag optimization
  • Website speed optimization
  • Complete Technical Support
  • Semantic Issue Fixation
  • Google Webmaster Tool Troubleshooting
  • Guest Posting
  • Niche Selection
  • Anchor Text Planning
  • Broken Link Repair
  • Digital Marketing”
  • Ensuring time frame and ROI goals
  • Liaison with different internal and external stakeholders of the project
  • Auditing SEO contents
  • Analyzing site designs
  • Recommendations for organic ranking
  • Ad hoc activities
  • Strategic roadmap creation
  • Channel distribution
  • Attracting talents to meet objectives
  • Leading pools of other SEO experts
  • Web analytics
  • Fixation of issues like Robots.TXT, Canonicalization Fixation,
  • Semantic issues fixation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Niche listing
  • Broken link building
  • Amazon product research
  • Private level research,
  • Amazon product optimization,
  • Amazon single product google ranking,
  • Amazon Product Selling
  • Private Label Product research,
  • Expired Domain Research,
  • Private blog networks (PBN) Setup
  • Overall SEO implementation

So, these are the skills that I have gathered in the years and apply most of them based on the needs of my clients.

My SEO Work Process

  1. Research & Analysis
  2. Strategy & Planning for SEO Success
  3. Road Map for SEO Implementation
  4. Content Development
  5. Onsite Optimization
  6. Content Marketing & Link Building
  7. In-Depth Reporting & Analysis
  8. Conversion Rate Optimization
  9. Ongoing SEO Support

Last Words

HB Arif – the SEO expert in Bangladesh makes the things simple for the clients. I try to manage the jobs for my clients. It helps them to earn more using their single website. And I am transparent in my job. I share all the ideas and views with the client. Moreover, I never hid the risks from them and explain what measures could be taken to avoid the dangers. Most importantly, I never make any false promise to my clients. I just tell them the truth and how to deal with the situations. And all of them succeeded in their own business.

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