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What is an SEO Expert? Why Need SEO Expert? How to hire an SEO Expert?

SEO Expert – Before we discuss the SEO expert we have to go through some basic concepts about the Digital Marketing and SEO.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a broad term that is used by many individuals and business entities to achieve their online marketing objectives. For this purpose, business concerns use different digital marketing channels like search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.), social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and etc to reach their potential customers and retain them.

What is an SEO?

SEO is a part of the digital marketing through which you can bring your potential Customers or users on your website. SEO is the combination of those factors which make optimization of your website or blog so that it can become more search engine friendly that enables the potential customer/user to reach your website easily.

SEO also helps people to find their required products, services and required information from the website and blogs thanks to search engines that always strive to provide relevant and authentic information to its users.

Nowadays there are a lot of factors which are considered by search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) to rank your website or blog on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).We can divide SEO into three major parts

  • On-Site SEO
  • On-Page SEO and
  • Off-Page SEO

What is an SEO Expert?

We have been going through some basic concepts about SEO in the beginning, now we discuss the SEO expert.

An SEO expert is a person who manages and organize your website or blog on search engines in that way that he can get ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) the first page to get the potential visitors and then convert them into customers to achieve your business objectives. As an SEO professional or expert, he always remains in research, analyzes the current trends and the make best suitable strategies and then their implementation to better ranking your website or blog.

An SEO basically starts from the Keyword Research means to find those keywords which have high volume search in search engines. So the first task as an SEO expert or professional is to find those keywords which have a high volume searches by the users in search engines.

Search Engines are always making changes in their Algorithm to provide its user a great experience which they are expecting from these search engines in terms of relevant and quality content or information. So as an SEO expert, he must be updated with the latest updates and trends, understand and analyze them to become enable to develop such vital strategies which are compatible with the latest changes and trends to work properly for achieving its business objectives.

To make optimization of your website and make it search engine friendly is always remained a big deal that is a combination of included a lot of factors and implementation of developed strategies which make essential for the SEO expert to know about these factors.

What are the Modern SEO experts?

Search engine optimization process has become advanced from the traditional practices. An SEO cannot survive in the changing world of SEO without knowing the latest techniques in the SEO because search engines are becoming smarter than before and making their terms and conditions stricter. So keeping in mind these factors an SEO can make better strategies for getting better results.

Modern SEO experts make the best combination of modern SEO factors and techniques using their skills which help them to make ranking better according to the latest trends in the SEO world. Especially in the current era, there are a lot of changes have been made. Now search engines specifically Google totally move its focus to provide the user a great experience in terms of relevancy and providing only reliable and authentic source of information to its valuable users.

Keyword targeting and link building strategies now considered old but you cannot completely ignore them because these are still in use and play a vital role in ranking.

In 2015 Google introduced the latest update named as Rank Brain which structures machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence which are now considered the pillar of the latest search algorithm.

Now discuss the important factors of Modern world SEO

Keyword Targeting and Relevancy

Now Google can easily find out the keyword targeting through its latest update especially when you are using this technique inappropriately. As a result, Google can penalize you and through back your website on previous result pages.

If you are writing relevant content according to user requirements then you can use this technique properly which can bring massive traffic to your website.

Target Customers locally

If you are targeting your customers locally and within your location through SEO then it is the best rewarding less hectic job. When the user search for any product or service on the search engine then Google firstly shows those results means businesses which are geographically near to customer location.

You can Optimize Google My Business page to get your business listed on Google free of cost.

Backlinks from Authority Sites

Backlinks play a key role in ranking your website on Google first page but these must be quality backlinks. The only source to get quality backlinks is to do “Guest Posting” on other high authority websites.

Google also give great importance to relevant information to make a sure link to your website with a relevant niche website. If you post unique and high-quality content on your website then it will compel the user to share your website link on other sites.

Social Media Signals

If you have a website or blog with relevant, informative and high-quality content then you must try to get social media links. Google also loves that website who continuously share their content on social media links like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn and other. You can get a great source of traffic from these social networks.

Use Rich Snippets

You can ignore Rich Snippets from the SEO stand, but it can increase your CTR (Click through Rate) because it shows a different kind of information like Reviews, Ratings, Duration, and Prices on search engine result pages. Normally the user will give more preference to that content which has already rated.

You can use Schema.org which can explain a set of standards that can allow search engines to go through your content easily and structure your data which user can easily access.But remain careful in using Rich Snippets, it can also cause a manual penalty from Google if you provide false information to users.

Mobile User-Friendly

More than 80% of users use mobile phones to access the website and almost 96% traffic is driven by Google through mobile phones.

If you have a separate website for desktop and mobile users then I think you cannot properly focus on SEO practices and website maintenance, which can result in loss of your precious time and productivity. So its recommendation by the Google to use responsive web design technique which not only provides a great experience on the desktop but also on mobile.

Try to get User Feedback

Always try to get user feedback about your services, products, and facilities which will decide about your potential customers. You can invest time in planning and do research to find your user exactly requirements. Providing the user great experience in terms of relevant information and quality content can significantly decrease your Bounce Rate.

Roles and Responsibilities of an SEO Expert

An SEO expert is that person who has a great knowledge and understands that how search engine algorithm works to find relevant information for users. He has also aware with the latest updates and trends, different tools and techniques that can improve your ranking or visibility on search engine result pages.

  • Now here we discuss the Roles and Responsibilities of an SEO Expert
  • An SEO Expert can do your website optimization from basic to advance level that’s include On-Site Optimization. On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.
  • An SEO Expert can develop strategies by keeping in mind client requirements and the implementation of these strategies to get better results.
  • They have the expertise to perform SEO audit of your website or blog by using different tools and techniques to find those factors which are creating hurdle in ranking your website and if identified then fixed them to get desired results.
  • They are capable of doing Keyword Research for the clients to find such keywords which have highly searches volume and can increase your visibility in search engine. They can use different tools like Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder and Long Tail Pro and etc.
  • They can choose the Domain Name, it can be either brand name or niche related, Titles, Headings, and subtitles.
  • They can deal with all the technicalities like 404 Error, problems relevant to the creation of XML and HTML sitemap, dead or broken links, duplicate content and keyword stuffing.
  • They always keep an eye on all search engine updates from time to time like Google Panda, Penguin, Penguin and all such.
  • They have a vast knowledge of Word press and Blogger and also able to do coding like CSS, HTML and etc.

They also create and manage social media channels like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and YouTube etc. for their clients to make the presence of their website and blog on social media. They post different content on social media on regular basis to get more user engagement.

  • They always keep check and balance on website working and monitor their performance through different tools Like SEMrush and Ahref.
  • They are also watching dog who continuously check their client’s competitor websites and then make strategies to go beyond by the competitors.
  • The most important and last thing that they can generate organic traffic and then convert this traffic into customers.

Why is SEO Expert so important?

Today we are living in a competitive world so everything requires some innovative and amazing features that can attract the customers. So that online world is also changing rapidly and SEO becomes more important than before because search engines are striving to provide the best experience to their users in terms of relevant and more informative content.

Now let’s discuss some points which make SEO more important

If you are searching something on search engines and came before a list of results then I think you most probably open the first five website links, that is attracting your customers through SEO. These websites are fully SEO optimized by SEO Experts so they are appearing in Top 5 positions.

The best combination of SEO Expert practices can improve the user engagement and ranking of a website.

The first step in SEO is to do Keyword research and find those specific keywords which have high search volume with less competition so an SEO Expert job is to find such keywords and analyze their competition so that better use of these Keywords can bring suitable results.

Promotion of your website content on social media is essential, if you have high-quality content with relevancy and search engine friendly optimization then users will visit your site and if satisfy then will compel to share your content on social media channels.

An SEO Expert can help you to survive in the market where there is a lot of competition, you can do optimization through your SEO expert of your products and services to get placement on the first page.

What is an SEO skill?

There are a lot of skills which are required for SEO purpose to do proper search engine optimization and here we will discuss some basic skills which are necessary for SEO purpose.

Technical SEO

In today SEO world you cannot depend only basic concepts like keyword researching and keyword targeting, there is also a lot of technicalities are exist in the SEO world. Website designing and structuring play a vital role to increase your chances of visibility on search engine result pages and then you can get ultimate results.

Having a knowledge of On-Page SEO optimization factors such as Meta Tags, Title Tag, Meta Description, ALT Tags and H1 have a good impact but you should also aware of coding.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also a skill of SEO which means to get traffic using different social media channels. You should know the basic skill to set up and maintain these channels to boost your ranking.

Content Marketing

Most of us think that content is the king in SEO but I think quality content is the king. Compelling content can engage your users and provide them relevant and authentic information for what they are looking for search engines. So an SEO expert must have this skill.

  • Content marketing has two parts
  • Content Creation and
  • Content Distribution

An SEO must be expert in these two strategies especially content creation like to avoid keyword stuffing, focus on readability, plagiarism free and most important grammatically great.

What are the Skills required for SEO?

There are a lot of skills are required for SEO purpose which is helpful in developing and implementation of those strategies which can help you in achieving your business objectives.

Below are the skills

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is the basic step in SEO. You cannot ignore the importance of keyword searching. If you are using proper keyword research then surely you can get more traffic. Keyword research means to find out those keywords or queries which a lot of people searching on search engines to find relevant information so that you can write article or blog on these specific keywords to provide information to the queries of people and in that way you can get huge traffic.

HTML Knowledge

An SEO expert should have knowledge of HTML language and he can also be a part of development team. By having knowledge of HTML an SEO can design SEO friendly structure of website which can also add value in ranking.

URLs Submission Tracking

An SEO expert keeps an eye on URLs submission tracking to know that which page URL is submitted to search engine and which not. This tracker shows a list of URLs which have been indexed in the search engine and another list to show which links are not indexed properly so that he can take necessary actions.

What are the Basic SEO skills?

If you are beginner in the field of SEO then you can start learning from these basic steps

On-Page SEO

In On-Page SEO there is a lot of factors on your webpage that you can optimize according to search engine requirements to get your desired results like that URL that better describe your content, Permalink, Meta Description, a better organization of Navigation and most important by submitting your website sitemap to search engines.

Internal Linking

Internal linking means to interlink your content with other articles or content on your website to provide a detail information to users. By doing interlinking you can rank your website for specific keywords and can also decrease your bounce rate by engaging your users on web pages.

Anchor Text

Anchor text helps a lot to search engines to get a better understanding of your content. You can add a link to a specific text to provide relevant information to your users.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a bit of Extensible Markup Language (XML) which is a standard machine-readable format used by search engines and for other data programmes like feed readers. This sitemap provides each and every information about one thing.

What are some special SEO skills?

An SEO expert must have some special skills to enhance their portfolio of skills to perform better to get results.

Programming Languages

If an SEO expert wants to develop a further set of skills then they should also aware of different programming languages like PHP and JavaScript.These skills are some special skills which can add value to their skills portfolio. These skills can help them to access a wide range of databases, can control a user access to the specific parts of the website, encryption of data and much more.

Server Configuration

The server is the main thing who runs your website. If an SEO expert can do configuration of the server then they can easily customize the response according to the user requirements. These skills also make enable SEO experts to diagnose a different kind of problems like Google bot crawling, tracing of broken or dead links and much more.

MS Excel Knowledge

An SEO expert can face a lot of data to analyze and then make strategies according to analyzed data and then implement these strategies to get better results.

They should be familiar with Excel and its different functions like Pivot tables, Lookup function, and other logical functions.

Web Hosting Knowledge

They always choose a best web hosting provider wisely because these providers are also responsible for your website ranking to a great extent. You can check their Downtime and page loading speed.

HTML Coding

An SEO expert should also have knowledge of HTML coding. They can develop best sites in a certain way, well-organized them.

What is an SEO experience?

Search engine optimization is simply an action taken in order to improve the quality and volume of organic traffic to a website or blog through different SEO techniques.

SEO Expert helps a website to get high ranking on search engine result pages.

  • An SEO expert applies different techniques and methods to rank a website on search engines. They get all the things through their experiences and knowledge.
  • SEO is not a game of tips and tricks to get ranking but require a consistent and dedicated process to achieve business goals.
  • The SEO whole process can take weeks, months and even years to get ranking but If do SEO properly then you may get results within months. It also depends on keywords competition.
  • An SEO strategy means SEO analysis or audit of a website to identify spaces for further improvements and make a comprehensive approach to achieve better results.
  • I think you have heard word Keyword research many times in this article don’t be bore with this word. Keyword research is the basic part of SEO to get best results.
  • SEO Copywriting means use your keywords and phrases on the pages of your website to get ranking.
  • Creating Inbound links within your website can also help to achieve good results.

How SEO expert help your website?

An SEO expert can help in many ways to get notice of your website by search engines and users. SEO is a technique to make your website content more search engine friendly and can identify you in gathering and index you.

  • An SEO expert can play a vital role in increasing your website ranking and drive users to your website.
  • The whole process of SEO starts with the keyword research. This means you are providing information and services through your content to your users according to their requirements.
  • They can easily find information on your website for which they are searching through search engines.
  • That’s all process can take lengthy and difficult but it is a good technique which informs you what people are searching for and for what purpose they are using search engines.
  • The name “Keyword” can be a name of any mobile brand like Apple, Samsung, and LG etc.
  • When your SEO expert does keyword competition analysis then he can start working on the creation of content related to keywords.
  • It will also easy for search engines to rank your content on the base of those keywords which you are using in your content and which have highly searched.
  • After doing keyword research, the next step is to create content on the basis of these keywords and then spread over this content on social media.

If you make the best combination of text, videos, and images of your content then you are engaging your users in a great way. This user will wait for your content and share on social media.

What does an SEO person do?

An SEO expert can rank you in the top position of search engine results where you can get a huge share of traffic.

Boost traffic to your website

The main purpose of an SEO person is to boost traffic on your website through different sources. An SEO person can help you to improve your website ranking on Google first page to get consistent traffic.

Knowledge and Experience

An SEO person has a vast knowledge and experience in SEO field. He can make plans and develop strategies for their years of experience.

Search engines are making changes on in their algorithm to provide a better user experience, so an SEO Specialist is always updating with latest changes and make plans according to latest changes.

Save your Budget

An SEO person can also save your budget. He can only choose those methods which are less expensive. They do not waste money on rubbish tools because they are already aware of this. They can make a suitable budget for your marketing plan and its implementation.

Analyze the Competition

An SEO person can analyze the website of your competitors by using different tools. Once he did analyze data of competitor’s website then he can develop more powerful strategies to make your visibility about the competitors.

What is the salary range for an SEO expert?

There is no doubt that search engine optimization is a hot topic in the digital marketing world. Now every business is a need to online presence because millions of people around the world are using the internet. So far online presence, all you need a search engine optimization specialist.

The salary range of an SEO expert mostly depends on its knowledge and experience. Here we have divided their salaries into three levels.

Entry Level Salary

As an entry-level SEO person which have 1 to 3 years of experience can earn up to $61000 per year. At this level, SEO experts work in collaboration with teams on content development for websites, social media, and blogs. They also evaluate the analytics of online process.

Mid-level Salary

In the mid-level with more than 3 years of experience, they can earn in the range of $67750 to $91000 per year. They are now experienced specialist who can work independently. They can also lead a time.

They understand the multiple factors like the architecture of website, performance indicators and analyzing of ROI.

SEO Specialists / Consultants

Now come to SEO specialist or consultants, they have a vast and valuable experience in Marketing field. As an SEO consultant, they can earn in the range of $41000 to $108000 per year. 

How to hire an SEO Expert?

If you need an SEO Expert for your business (Website or Blog). Then you are at right place. Here you will find a step by step guide on how to hire an SEO specialist to achieve your desired results.

Prefer someone with experience in your niche

An SEO expert is not a jack of all trades. You should find someone who has already experience related to your website category. For example, if you are a local Dermatologist then you need to find such SEO expert who can list your business in Google Business page and optimize it to easily visible for you locals on search engines.

If you are doing business at international level then you need to find such SEO consultant who has vast experience to do your website SEO because you have to compete with international brands.

Learn Some Basic SEO

If you are hiring an SEO expert then I think you should know some basic SEO concepts such as keyword research, Quality content, interlinking, backlinks and a lot of things. Once you learned all the basic concepts then you will be able to discuss your project with SEO consultants.

Difference between Consultant and an SEO

You should know the difference between SEO consultant and an SEO agency.

An SEO consultant maybe some freelancer who works in his own way. He firstly does SEO audit of your website and then analyzes the main things. After analyzing they may implement their developed strategies based on analyzed data to get organic traffic.

An SEO Agency is a combination of different categories of employees like SEO specialist, Accounts Managers, and Content writers. Agencies can do your website SEO in a great way but with a huge budget.

How to find an SEO expert?

Finding an SEO expert can be a difficult job and you may get a lot of recommendations when you are making a selection of SEO experts.

At here you can find tips which may be a benefit for you to find a suitable SEO expert for your business.

Using proper Social Media

You may find a suitable SEO consultant by using proper social media channels. You may find on LinkedIn with your network. You can check Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and etc for this purpose and may visit their profiles to get evaluation about their knowledge and experiences.

Using Freelance Platforms

You can also use freelance platforms like Fiverr, UpworkFreelancer and SEO Clerk to find a suitable SEO professional for your business.